What Makes Blossom Awesome?

For Parents

Blossom enables you to read to your child in a foreign language even if you’re not fluent in it — in fact, you get to practice speaking it alongside your little one. The scaffolded approach that gradually increases the target language, along with the audio pronunciation, help you pick up everyday words and useful phrases.

For Children

Kids love to read their favorite books over and over again. Blossom offers a fun way to spice things up and keeps the story fresh each time. Same story, but evolving text, and a more exciting reading experience. What better way for young children to be immersed in a language than being absorbed in a familiar and beloved storybook?

For Teachers

Through their linked Blossom accounts at school and at home, children and their parents can access the same ebooks and materials you’ve used in the classroom, and continue the learning process while they are at home and during school breaks. You can use Blossom to issue reading assignments, and keep abreast of a family’s participation and progress.

For Librarians

Blossom offer books that are authentic to the communities your library serves, featuring many western classics as well as stories that originate from other corners of the world and are often difficult to find in the U.S. What better way to delight your readers and make them feel welcomed than by offering books from their culture and in their language?

What's in Blossom's DNA?

In Our Soul: Inspired by a Parent's Desire

Blossom grew out of a father’s desire to read bilingual bedtime stories to his daughter in a fun and authentic way. Our founder, Bill Tan, couldn’t find any good bilingual book options out there, and discovered that it was a common frustration for many families. Parents who want to help their kids learn another language either have to translate on the fly while they’re reading or, if the book has side-by-side translations, read the same story twice in both languages. Neither is an effective nor enjoyable option. Having worked on several children’s education projects with the likes of Sesame Workshop and built a successful language e-learning platform for healthcare professionals, Bill set out to develop a better way for parents to bond with their children over bedtime stories and embark on the imaginative journeys they inspire.

In Our Brain: Rooted in Rigorous Science

Blossom utilizes an intuitive and proven language acquisition method called ‘code switching’: the alternation between two or more languages in a single utterance. A team of specialists in sociolinguistics, computational linguistics and early childhood development came together to design the ‘code switching’ pedagogy in a scientifically rigorous manner. In fact, our signature Bi-Lingual Story Switching Method (BLoSSoM) was tested and refined with funding support from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development — a division of the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH) — and subsequently incorporated in a project to successfully encourage parent-child conversations about important health topics such as nutrition and exercise.

In Our Heart: Committed to Supporting Underserved Communities

Early language development is the foundation to many important milestones throughout one’s lifespan, including academic success, healthy interpersonal relationships, and emotional wellbeing. Children from low-income families, however, are exposed to substantially less parental interactions – at a staggering shortfall of 30 million spoken words by age four, according to some estimates – as compared to children from higher-income families. With its emphasis on active parent-child co-reading, Blossom present a valuable opportunity for supporting early literacy development as well as intergenerational communication. For each new user who signs up, Blossom donates a one-year subscription to a family in need.