Bedtime Stories Are Key to Teaching Your Child a Second Language

You want only the best for your child and that starts with helping them learn. You understand how important it is to provide your precious little one with the competitive edge from an early age. How better to prepare your child for success than to give the gift of a second language?

Blossom is designed to do exactly that. Based on research that is supported by the National Institutes of Health, Blossom e-books follow a scaffolded approach to language acquisition. So what does this mean in plain English?

A proven method

Blossom utilizes a scientifically proven method for teaching your little ones Mandarin, Spanish, French and more. These wonderfully fun and easy-to-read ebooks are written in two languages–let’s call one the mother tongue and the other the second language.

The team that built Blossom are experts in linguistics, early childhood development, and educational design. And they understand that children love to hear stories at night over and over again. In fact, the Blossom experience is so entertaining that parents will want to read the stories repeatedly, each time advancing to a slightly more challenging mix of the mother tongue and second language that they are comfortable with. But this is not a regimented program–parents can change any word or phrase by toggling between the two languages. They can also learn how to pronounce any part of the text even if they don’t speak the second language. Whether they read the ebook just once or multiple times, both parent and child will have ample exposure to both languages and reap the benefits of learning new words and phrases in context. It’s that simple.



A brighter future

The benefits of teaching your children a second language go far beyond giving them a linguistic advantage. Studies show that children who speak a second language are better at conflict management and multitasking. And it may be no surprise to know that such children grow up to be better listeners. Of course, all of this adds up to the fact that they are better learners¹. What does that mean for your child? Studies show that it translates into developing many life skills including academic success, healthy relationships, and emotional wellbeing. So not just successful children but happy ones, too!

Be a part of this exciting new experience

Blossom is launching a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks so that people just like you can be the first to experience the joy and rewards of reading bilingual stories. This means we will go ‘live’ on Kickstarter in 2018 — please mark your calendars. Meanwhile, you can join the mailing list to receive updates and early-bird special offers.We’ll send you an email reminder and link that will take you directly to our campaign page.

With your input, we can tailor the Blossom library to your preferences. For example, during the campaign, we would love for you to tell us the favorite stories that you remember from your own childhood, and request the language version you wish to be able to read to your child.

So, you want something to feel good about? Know this. With Blossom, you are making memories, delighting your child and soothing them before sleep, and giving them a leg up on the global stage. Please sign up and make a contribution to our Kickstarter campaign today and discover the places we will go together.


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