Children’s Books That Nurture The Character Virtue of “Courage”

As parents, we want to nurture in our children a wide variety of characters traits. One of them, however, has a special place in helping them face challenges: COURAGE. Being able to stand up and overcome the obstacles life imposes us does not mean you have no fear. On the contrary. To have courage, one must fear.

In fact, fear is the very feeling that defines our limits. That’s when courage enters the stage and shows its face. How, then, to nurture courage in our children at an early stage of their lives in an organic manner?

Literature is an excellent tool. Many tales are full of characters who, at some point, needed to face a challenge and used, amongst other character traits, the courage to take a decision and move forward.

Courage is not only triggered by perceived physical threats. One must have courage, for instance, to face the emotional dilemmas life might present. Who doesn’t remember the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz? How inspiring was it to see him and his group of friends led by Dorothy on their journey through the yellow brick road to find the courage that lied within himself?

To help you pick the best books that can help nurture COURAGE in your children, here is a list of our top 3:

1. There is a Nightmare in my Closet: is a sweet, sweet classic by Mercer Mayer. One night a boy decides to conquer his fear of monsters by donning a soldier’s helmet and arming himself with a cork gun. When he turns out the lights, the monster returns. The boy pops him with his gun and the monster bursts into tears. The boy bravely consoles the creature, and they drift off to slumberland together. (Source: whatdowedoallday)

2. Max the Brave: Max is a fierce kitten. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this, and they dress him up in pink bows! What are they thinking? Max, however, is on a mission. He will catch a mouse and then everyone will know how brave he is! Just one teeny problem. He doesn’t know what a mouse looks like. My kids were giggling non-stop. (Source: whatdowedoallday)

3. When Lions Roar: The text in this book is simple, but the story is meaningful. A young child is overwhelmed by frightening sensory experiences: roaring lions, cracking thunder and more. He sits down and tells them, “go away!” and when he opens his eyes, he sees calm and beautiful images: mommies and daddies, flowers. Raschka’s illustrations are perfect for the story, and there’s a beautiful message in this book about how we can turn scary situations around with a change of perspective and positive thinking. (Source: whatdowedoallday)

Enjoy the reading! 🙂

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